The subject of organist’s fees is a difficult one as it has often been reliant on the size of the employer instution and/or the money available. Most organists in Australia are employed by churches which, these days, are diminishing in size and wealth. However, the Society believes that organists who are, invariably, highly qualified and educated and have spent a great number of years practising and perfecting their craft, should be appropriately compensated and this should be determined by a proper fee schedule, not by the whims of an institution which decides whether to pay the organist properly or not. Accordingly, based on the excellent work done by the Organ Society of Queensland, we provide this Schedule of Fees which we believe should be followed by any organisation that employs an organist.

Casual Fees

  • Wedding/Funeral
  • Wedding Rehearsal
  • Church Service
  • Choir Rehearsal
  • $260 – $360
  • $55 – $105
  • $160 – $260
  • $55 – $105

Add $55 for choir direction

Employed Fees